We use 3 distinctive methods of Gutter Cleaning each of which has its own purpose and unique application:

  • Method 1: Gutter Sucking
  • Method 2: By Hand
  • Method 3: Air Blowing


Gutter Sucking is our unique, top of the line gutter cleaning Seattle system. It is actually the most work of the three, yet it has both the same benefits as Air Blowing and Hand Cleaning. Gutter Sucking gets 98-100% of the debris while keeping it fully contained. Use of this method is limited in certain cases such as accessibility of our GutterSuckersĀ® machinery and when the roof shingles overhang too far over the gutters thus decreasing the area inside the gutter to a point where our vacuum nozzles will not fit.


This certainly takes longer than air blowing the gutters, and the hand cleaning method is much more work and takes much longer, however, it is a substantially cleaner method than air blowing. We are able to clean about 90-95% of all debris from the gutters while keeping the mess completely contained.


Rarely do we use this method because it blows the debris, dirt and gunk out of the gutters onto the property and grounds. Unfortunately for many property owners, most other companies use this method as their primary or only method of gutter cleaning. GutterSuckers use air blowing only when the roof hangs over the gutters too far to be able to properly be cleaned by hand or to fit our GutterSuckersĀ® Vacuum tubes. The single benefit of blowing out the gutters, over cleaning the gutters by hand, is that blowing removes virtually of all of the gutter debris. If we are forced to use the air blowing method, afterwards, we clean up the debris off the property and grounds.


In addition to cleaning gutters, we verify that all downspouts allow free flowing water. Free flowing gutters will give you peace of mind that your house is protected from the sometimes inescapable Northwest rain. Gutter cleaning Bellevue, while not most people’s favorite, is one of the most important things you can do to protect your house from unnecessary problems. Give us a call and we will answer any questions you have and set an appointment to give you clean gutters along with peace of mind.


The average commercial or residential property can do with one cleaning per year, but some properties that receive higher deposits of debris throughout the year, such as from evergreens and from some deciduous trees, will need to be cleaned more often, and other properties with very few or no nearby trees may be able to last several years before necessitating a gutter cleaning. Many roofs, depending on their material, their location, their position with the sun, and their proximity to trees, eventually do provide an environment suitable for growing moss and algae, and accumulations from these growths often times clog the gutters. We recommend being placed on a regular gutter cleaning and roof cleaning maintenance program to ensure clean, substantially growth free and cosmetically beautiful roofs and gutters. Also, as an option, you may wish to have Gutter Guards installed and we of course can do that for you as well.


Blocked and Clogged Gutters May Cause: Water to overflow behind the fascia into the walls of your commercial property or home Water to flow over the edge of the gutter saturating your basement walls Excessive weight causing the gutters to sag and possibly to fail Increased moss and algae growth The pooling of water creating a breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects


Areas in which we Service and Clean Gutters: Bainbridge Island, Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Kitsap County, King County, Poulsbo, Silverdale, East Side, Renton, and all the surrounding areas.